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i really enjoyed this!! i agree with some other comments, i wish you could speed up dialogue esp since you have to run through it again to access your inventory. and on that note, i think i would have liked to be able to open inventory and inspect items outside of dialogue, i think i would have gotten to the answer a lot sooner. but it's really great, a loveable lil main character, delightful level design with puzzles that felt rewarding, and i really love the mechanic of using the evidence overall!! :) 

how do i get this on my anolog pocket?

I tried it and got stuck in the first room.  Can you help me out?


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Absolutely fantastic game! I loved it. There are some bugs, like you can get steak twice, or find the comic twice...but still, it's so awesome.

wonderful game

Can we get the assets?

They are available.

Really enjoying the game on my pocket too, but I have run into the same bug too in the basement :( no more progress for me yet!

The pixel art of the people is great! I do wish I could "speed" up the dialogue a bit with (A) but its not a big deal :D

I also had the bug where I can't leave the room with the cook while playing on my analogue pocket. What's a bit sad, since I do really like the game

I really enjoyed this game and the graphics. Well done!

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I think I found the solution to the "help I'm stuck in the basement" bug. The pushable boxes' textures don't render, but the collisions do. If this happens to you, most of the time you can just interact with the boxes to push them and get out or get to the cook.

Edit: turns out you can't push the invisible boxes, so the solution I found is to always solve the box puzzle when you see it unsolved and hope for the best.

is there no sound in this game?


I'm stuck in my room

Have you tried looking at the paper on the table? This happened to me aswell, but when I went around the table and pressed j, it caused a cutscene, which allows you to progress in the game. Hope this helped :)

Had the same issue, you need to read the paper on table but from the up side.



I cannot leave the room with all the boxes inside because there is an invisible wall blocking the way. These errors occur when I use the file, for example with Sameboy emulator. Please fix this bug.


I cannot use the select button in the web version of the game. If I press shift, nothing happens. So the workaround for bug #1 (using the web version) does not work for me.

Last, but not least:
Despite of the bugs, this seems to be a very good game.


I got the same bug as the other people, I just can't get out of the basement and continue with the game because of an invisible wall, I was liking it :(

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Hey, I just ran into a bug and I can't continue. 

After I found the cook in the cellar below the statue he gives me a steak. But I cannot leave the room anymore. If I push the box to the right there seems to be an invisible wall and I cannot walk down. Also the other boxes from before just vanished.

One person some comments below seems to have the same problems.

Omg this game inspired to make one too. 

I love how you made work so well like a real gb.

What resolution did you used for this game ?

The game looks like it was made in Game Boy Studio. For the resolution, it was the resolution of  the original game boy and limited to it's 4 color palette.

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It's 160x144 pixels, gameboy screen. 

Fun, short game. Some hiccups here and there, which I’m sure are just a limitation of the engine. Quite enjoyable and others have covered most of my grievances so I’ll just leave it at that :) Great job.

Thank you very much :)

Awesome artwork!

Great Game! Thought it was really nice. Although a bit of sound would have made it better.


help I can't get out of the basement:( please fix this issue. 


the main character is so likeable


Fun little mystery and the pixel artwork is so cool!

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hello your game won this award:

This was a very short, but lovely game. Well made! 

Thank you!


If anyone is stuck after talking to the cook in the basement, try playing the game on the browser on the page. Before that I was playing the game with two Game Boy emulators and after talking to the cook and getting the steak it spawns a box that is impossible to pass no matter what I did. I really wanted to find out what happens next so I then tried playing the game on the browser and the bug seems different. The boxes are invisible but passable so you can finish that game.  

Thank you, I have the same problem

this game is pretty fun so far. I am trying to find Sir William Adam's room but can't find it. Anyone know where it is?


im taking i guess and its the cook

How to exit the first room?

Having the same problem. Can't even leave the room!

You need to read the paper on the table from the up side.

I've noticed the game lacks music and wanted to suggest something cool.
There's a music creator in california that produces a lot of songs INCLUDING detective/investigation like music.

And as far as i've seen, it's free to use if your project is not commercial. If you want to commercialize it in the future, you can just give them a donation. The value is also up to you.

Here's his rules:

Examples of his work:

Simply awesome and beautiful 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

how do i leave the first room i grabbed the bag

Read the paper on table from the up.

Great game! i really love the characters and art work!
The game has a cuple of bugs here in there but it's really well made and quite charming!

Thank you!

im playin' this on the FunKey S!


With the newly released Analogue Pocket, and the newest update for GB Studios, are you planning to publish the .pocket version of this game? I’d love to be able to play this on my Pocket, so I hope so!


Hi, thank you for your interest in my game!

I will give it a look in the upcoming days.
My project is many versions behind, hopefully migration won't be a huge pain.
Maybe I can also fix the bug with the collision in the basement causing peoply to get softlocked :)


I created a fork a GB Studio 2 that export natively game in pocket file.

So it should be easy to port your game without the pain of migrating to GB Studio 3.0 :)

I don't know if migrating a game from 1.0 to 2.0 breaks stuff, so maybe only works for game made with the 2.0.
If you have any issue with it, don't hesitate to contact me.

Hi, thanks for the info!

Can you build this for Analogue Pocket? Thanks!

played for a while and gotta say i love the artwork and overall game design, but sadly theres a GAME BREAKING BUG when you're in the basement of the dining hall, there seems to be a collider of one of the boxes not moving when you push it and after following the chef i can't go back because of it blocking my way...pls fix it so i can finish this beautiful little game :(  


What do i do with the ghost

Is there any volume to this? Because if there is I cant hear it.

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Nope, there is no music or sound. Maybe in the future :)

Thanks! I was going through all my settings! fun game! =)

This is pretty dang solid friend. I love GB Studio games and this is definitely fun!

Thank you! :)

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