Keyboard Controls:

WASD, Arrow-Key

J, Z
K, X

The young yet unsuccessful detective Charles Carter is on his biggest case, the mysterious death of the mansion owner Sir William Adams.
Can you find all clues, interogate the six suspects and convict the murderer by confronting them with your collected evidence from you inventory?

I finally finished this small game project made with GB-Studio , which is a great tool to develop cool looking retro games. I created the game over the last months, so I would highly appreciate if you give it a go and consider giving me some feedback about the game!

Can you solve this case?

Please do not distribute this game without my permission.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJan Schneider
Made withGB Studio, Aseprite
Tags2D, Detective, Game Boy, Mystery, Pixel Art, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen, Smartphone


Download 68 kB


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help I can't get out of the basement:( please fix this issue. 

the main character is so likeable

Fun little mystery and the pixel artwork is so cool!

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hello your game won this award:

This was a very short, but lovely game. Well made! 

Thank you!

If anyone is stuck after talking to the cook in the basement, try playing the game on the browser on the page. Before that I was playing the game with two Game Boy emulators and after talking to the cook and getting the steak it spawns a box that is impossible to pass no matter what I did. I really wanted to find out what happens next so I then tried playing the game on the browser and the bug seems different. The boxes are invisible but passable so you can finish that game.  

Thank you, I have the same problem

this game is pretty fun so far. I am trying to find Sir William Adam's room but can't find it. Anyone know where it is?

im taking i guess and its the cook

How to exit the first room?

Having the same problem. Can't even leave the room!

I've noticed the game lacks music and wanted to suggest something cool.
There's a music creator in california that produces a lot of songs INCLUDING detective/investigation like music.

And as far as i've seen, it's free to use if your project is not commercial. If you want to commercialize it in the future, you can just give them a donation. The value is also up to you.

Here's his rules:

Examples of his work:

Simply awesome and beautiful 馃憤馃徑馃憤馃徑馃憤馃徑

how do i leave the first room i grabbed the bag

Great game! i really love the characters and art work!
The game has a cuple of bugs here in there but it's really well made and quite charming!

Thank you!

im playin' this on the FunKey S!


With the newly released Analogue Pocket, and the newest update for GB Studios, are you planning to publish the .pocket version of this game? I鈥檇 love to be able to play this on my Pocket, so I hope so!


Hi, thank you for your interest in my game!

I will give it a look in the upcoming days.
My project is many versions behind, hopefully migration won't be a huge pain.
Maybe I can also fix the bug with the collision in the basement causing peoply to get softlocked :)


I created a fork a GB Studio 2 that export natively game in pocket file.

So it should be easy to port your game without the pain of migrating to GB Studio 3.0 :)

I don't know if migrating a game from 1.0 to 2.0 breaks stuff, so maybe only works for game made with the 2.0.
If you have any issue with it, don't hesitate to contact me.

Hi, thanks for the info!

Can you build this for Analogue Pocket? Thanks!

played for a while and gotta say i love the artwork and overall game design, but sadly theres a GAME BREAKING BUG when you're in the basement of the dining hall, there seems to be a collider of one of the boxes not moving when you push it and after following the chef i can't go back because of it blocking my way...pls fix it so i can finish this beautiful little game :(  

What do i do with the ghost

Is there any volume to this? Because if there is I cant hear it.

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Nope, there is no music or sound. Maybe in the future :)

This is pretty dang solid friend. I love GB Studio games and this is definitely fun!

Thank you! :)


For some reason, after i get the steak from the cook, i can't get out. I push the crate and even tho there isn't anything in front of me, i can't walk out

The basement crates can be put in front of the stairs and soft lock you.


wait but was there anyone in the room with the door locked from the inside? I didn't find an item for that :(



I guess a specific item should give you a clue.
Maybe you haven't shown it to everybody in the room :) 

Thanks hey how long would it be to finish this? I am only 9 and I get 12-1 PM lunch break do you think I could finish it in a hour?

I think its the dog btw

yeah it was him

Somebody replied 59 days later

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it is a good game 5/5. thanks for dev this.

Thank you very much :)

For some reason using an emulator, the game is not in colour like it is in the screenshot and web player. Did you provide the correct rom?

Yes, your ROM is correct one, the problem is your emulator.

All classic GB games are in black and white (plus 2 tones of grey), but with a GB Color, Super GB or an emulator you could use palettes to replace the B/W tones for other 4 colors. The green palette is pretty popular nowadays because it reminds of the original GB screen.

That feature is in your emulator preferences (it depends of which are you using). You'll have to pick each colors yourself in some of them.

BGB uses the green palette by default

mGBA: Tools->Settings->GameBoy

VBAM: Options->Gameboy->Configure...->Custom Colors

Retroarch: A GB Shader or something?

Thanks for the help! :D

Really good thank you! Is there an item before the testament??? I think I missed it

Thanks, not all items are neccessary to beat the game :)

yeeah I finished it ! Nice game, dude

Thanks :D

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I got the final answer, but...



I assume it's the guy who called me, but I can't convict him

I'm sorry to hear you got stuck so late in the game. Maybe showing a character a specific item will trigger an event :)

This is a really good little game, well done! I loved it! Really good polish.


I spent so much hours on this game, thanks a lot!

Really great ! Thanks for this game :D

Thank you for playing :D


Really great little puzzle game, and amazing implementation of the inventory and code system! 


Thank you for the compliments :D


I can't play the game. There is an inviseble wall preventing me from leave the initial room. I wanted to play the game, it looks like interesting. :(


You have to read the paper on the table

The character will get out alone!


I had a similar experience, you need to read the paper from the top

thx, dudo!

oh, thx!

You need to look at the note on his desk. i had that problem too.

This is a nice game! Although I couldn't finish it 'cause of a bug in the boxes room, after talking to the cook it was not possible to leave the room, there was an invisible collision when pushing the box :c I don't know if it was because I was playing on my smartphone though. I will test it on my computer whenever I am able to. 

Thank you for your feedback!

This bug is known to me as it results from a restriction
made by GameBoy-Studio.

How does one fix it? do i just need to restart the game or?

Yeah i encountered that too, but I moved around it. Treat the collision like a box you need to get around to get through 


We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 18: GB Studio Games


Hi Stephen and Jake ,

I absolutely had a blast listening to it!
You really got the main ideas of my little game spot on.

I never expected that something I created can make people 
stick to a story and it's characters and even can make people laugh. This is something so lovely to hear!

I feel really honored that you featured my game  in your podcast.
Keep up the good work, guys!

I love this game! such a creative use of GB Studio. Im really impressed with your inventory system! How did you even create that in GBS!?!?!?!

(1 edit) (+2)

Thank you!
For the inventory I used 8 variables to track if the player got the different items and toggled the sprite actors according to that. 
In the inventory scene, the player changes to an arrow and cannot move due to invisible walls. 
I track the selected item with another variable. 
Then the player can move to another item by pressing the according buttons.
I had to write a ton of if-else to do this manually and it's just a mess in the editor :D

Little but very fun game.  I really enjoyed it. Thanks for share this experience :)

Yes, no problem. I'm really happy so many people enjoy my game! :D

Hey really nice game and story behind it. Nice to see how you go unlocking different sections and progress with new clues. Just few things, at the end it says "Concrats" instead of "Congrats"
Also, some scenes when you talking to the different persons it would be nicer is they close once you get to the end, sometimes if you press de A button, you have to read it all over again. Or maybe have the dialogs listening for some B press to exit of them.
On the basement, even after moving the boxes around, there are some hitboxes that stop you from moving freely. And some sequences repeat, like even when you have the comic book in inventory if you go to the cellar the book is there once again and you can replay all that, same with the dog and the T-Bone. Few minor details to polish I guess.

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Hi, I'm glad you liked my game!

There are a few grammar and spelling mistakes I still need to fix. Maybe I will find time to make an update to the game at some point.
I also agree with your other sugestions, but sadly GBStudio (the engine) is rather limiting. But maybe I can implement some of them. Again thank you for your feedback :)

Ohh ok. Yes I was watching some videos about GB Studio. Looks really interesting and it's interesting the things that can be done with it, but also know the limitations, that for sure restrict what can be done under certain circumstances.

Cute!  What a fun little game.  I enjoyed it.

Thank you!

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