NOTE: You can press ESCAPE to quit a match!

This is my entry for 'Mini Jam 62: Colors'!
The game is basically pong but with a little twist. 
Instead of just going up and down, the players can also change their color! 
The ball also changes it's color everytime it hits something. 
So players have to match their color to the color of the ball to give it an extra speed boost.
The other player can block the ball by quickly changing to the correct color. But if a charged up ball hits a player while having the wrong color the player gets damaged and his size shrinks.
First player scoring eleven points wins!

This game is my first game made with Godot and I had a lot fun making it. It was really cool to challenge myself to make a game in a new engine.  I spend around 15 hours on this game this weekend.

Have fun playing and stay tuned for more games and updates!

Please do not distribute this game without my permission.

StatusIn development
Release date Sep 05, 2020
AuthorJan Schneider
Tags2D, Arcade, Colorful, Local Co-Op, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, Neon, pong, Singleplayer, Versus
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, Textless
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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Awesome game. Very nice design and game art. I would recommend adding some sound effects and music though. I like the color option and single player option. I had a very colorful experience! ;)

Thank you, if I find the time I will at least add some sounds!

That would be nice. I will check it out

Very cool! I like your take on the theme.

On a sidenote, there seems to be some misalignment within the WebGL window as well as with your Menu text(or did you intend to have it right aligned?). Ofcourse this doesn't affect gameplay at all.

Thank you!
Sadly I haven't figure out how to make the window responsive yet (I'm using godot). So the viewport zooms awkwardly.

Okay, this is super cute.

I know it's just pong, but what a nice way to change things up! Awesome stuff! Keep creating! <3


Thank you so much! :D